Unattractive House?

Home sellers may be daunted by repairs needed before selling to a typical home buyer. However, we buy homes in any condition. We buy houses that needed foundation repairs, plumbing repairs, roof repairs, septic repairs, and so on. Honestly, there has never been a home that was too broken for us to buy!

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Inherited Home?

Fun In The Sun Realty provides solutions for homeowners that have inherited homes. Often, people who have inherited homes are interested in selling fast, and settling the estate. We help inheritors sell their home with, and without a probated will. Using a professional title company, we can wade through the emotional process of selling an inherited house together.

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Selling a house quickly can help settle financial woes that are associated with owning and maintaining a home. We provide solutions for you that are unique to the delicate timing of your situation. Whether you are just behind on your mortgage payments, or you have a foreclosure date set by the bank, we can buy your house quickly.

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Divorce or relocation?

Quick real estate solutions can help during or after a divorce. Fun In The Sun Realty provides solutions so clients can move on quickly with their lives. We can work with both parties using excellent communication and professionalism to ensure a smooth transaction. Oftentimes, the timing of selling the home is crucial. Because we often buy houses from people in this situation, we understand, and will take great care.

Are you relocating, and need to sell your house fast? Accepting a new job in a different location is stressful enough. When you add in the process of listing with an agent, making repairs, and the delay of waiting for a closing date, this can become overwhelming. Fun In The Sun Realty can reduce this added frustration by  buying your home as-is, for CASH, and offering a flexible closing date often within 7 days.

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Managing properties can be a hassle. Tenants can move out unexpectedly, and leave a home in a much different state then when they moved in. Property managers rarely live up to your expectations, and vacancy rates can absorb all anticipated profits, and more. Whether you have tenants in a long term lease, or the house is vacant and in distressed condition, we will work with you to find a resolution for your current situation.

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Lease-Back & Transition Periods?

A lease-back or transition period is used when the seller is needing some extra time to make arrangements for their new place to live. This is a unique and powerful tool during the selling process.

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Thank you for visiting our site. We understand that selling your home can be stressful and all-consuming. Our Jacksonville-local and family-owned company exists to help homeowners, landlords, & heirs sell their houses quickly and simply. You can sell your house to us, and stop worrying about the lengthy and difficult home-selling process through a real estate agency. Whether you are a homeowner in a time-sensitive situation, or a landlord that is ready to exit the rental business, we are experienced, knowledgeable, and financially able to help. We buy houses in most any condition. So, don’t hesitate to contact us about your property today.

Call us now if you are looking for a home buyer that is honest, caring, responsive, communicates well, and does what he says he will do. We will handle your unique situation with great care and concern and will respect your privacy throughout the entire home selling process. Fun In The Sun Realty upholds the highest standard of ethics in every transaction, and you are guaranteed full disclosure in every aspect of the sale. If you are looking for someone to work “under the table” or unethically, DO NOT bother contacting us!

People who are looking to sell their home fast, often have a house in need of many repairs. There is no house too unsightly, too out-dated, or with too many necessary repairs, such as a bad foundation, for us to buy today. We buy houses in a wide variety of conditions from excellent to poor and would like to make you an offer on your property. We buy homes in Jacksonville, Fl, and the surrounding areas.



Fun In The Sun Realty is a family-owned and locally-operated home buyer in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today if you’re looking for an honest, caring, & responsive professional home buyer in the Jacksonville area.